RESOURCE: Inclusive DH2016

In “Inclusive DH2016: Papers and posters that address gender, race, sexuality, class, and cross cultural language issues,” Amy Earhart (Texas A&M) provides a list of papers, workshops, and sessions at the upcoming Digital Humanities 2016 Conference (Kraków, 11-16 July) that specifically mention issues of diversity and inclusion.

The list includes a two-part session on diversity:

D51: Panel: Diversity 1: Matters: Diversity and the Digital Humanities in 2016

Amy Earhart, Alex Gil, Roopika Risam, Barbara Bordalejo, Isabel Galina, Lorna Hughes, Melissa Terras

Our panel consists of an international group of digital humanities scholars who are invested in a broad understanding of difference and digital humanities. The panel will discuss current tensions within the field and strategies for negotiating the structural challenges to the DH conference and ADHO itself.

D52: Multi Paper Session: Diversity 2: Boundary Land: Diversity as a defining feature of the Digital Humanities

Daniel Paul O’Donnell, Barbara Bordalejo, Padmini Murray Ray, Gimena del Rio, Elena González-Blanco

The theme of this session is the Digital Humanities as a “Boundary Land”–i.e. a locus that depends on interdisciplinarity of all kinds. It is our contention that interpersonal diversity (i.e. diversity along lines such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, economic region, etc.) is as an important to DH as interdisciplinarity. DH is not only a place where different disciplines work together (and at times at odds to each other): it is also a place where different people work together and at odds in developing our field. The papers in this session provide a theoretical background to the problem, then explore distinct aspects of this understanding of diversity as a core intellectual component of the Digital Humanities in its current form.

Also listed is our pre-conference workshop, Translation Hack-a-thon!: Applying the Translation Toolkit to a Global dh+lib, co-organized with ADHO’s Global Outlook::Digital Humanities and Libraries and DH SIGs.

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