RESOURCE: Memorandum of Understanding Collection

Rafia Mirza, Peace Ossom Williamson, and Brett D. Currier (all University of Texas at Arlington) have compiled a Memorandum of Understanding Collection, comprising a workbook, templates for both general and particular project use (such as open access journal-hosting and systematic reviews), and other examples and resources to guide large scale projects that involve collaborations with the library.

The authors write:

As the library has collaborated on more and more projects we have found that the process goes more smoothly for all parties when expectations are discussed beforehand and pre-planning is done. We think of the Memorandum of Understanding as a blueprint for projects. Of course, projects may change as you begin work on them, but a blueprint helps all parties be aware of what to expect on the way. We have found that collaboration thrives on transparency, communication and understanding.

Mirza presents further background on the effort in her slides from “Memorandum of Understanding Workshop: Creating a Process for Successful Digital Collaboration,” a workshop offered at the May 2016┬áTexas Conference on Digital Libraries.

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