RESOURCE: Videos: Scholarly Record for Computational Research; Libraries & Multidisciplinary Research

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) posted videos of two talks from their springĀ 2016 membership meetingĀ in San Antonio, Texas: Victoria Stodden’s (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) opening plenary, “Defining the Scholarly Record for Computational Research,” andĀ Tom Hickerson and Kathryn Ruddock (University of Calgary), Joan Lippincott (CNI), and Shawna Sadler’s (Deakin University) “The Role of Next Generation Libraries in Enhancing Multidisciplinary Research.”

Stodden’s talk “explores how to define and ensure the integrity of the scholarly record in an age of computationally enabled work, focusing especially on the reproducibility of research findings.” Stodden opens by conceptualizing technological change, delving into a normative dimension by considering the possible guidance offered through existing scientific norms. The talk then focuses on considering “different ways that we might be reconceptualizing or thinking through what the scholarly record might look like in this age of digital, deeply computational, high-impact, high-velocity data research.”

Hickerson, Ruddock, Lippincott, and Sadler ask “if research libraries are equipped to meet the needs of multidisciplinary research,” reporting on a Mellon-funded planning study conducted at the University of Calgary. The team hosted workshops with researchers engaging in interdisciplinary work, designed to enhance communication about those users’ library needs – as Ruddock comments, the main project goal was to “get to the core of what those core research platform needs are for our researchers and position ourselves so we can explore specific projects.” Speakers covered the structure of the project, outcomes, and what the team’s findings mean for libraries and higher education in general.

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