CFP: The Caribbean Digital III

Small Axe Project (Columbia University) has issued a call for papers for The Caribbean Digital III, to be held 2 December 2016 at Barnard College / Columbia University.

Suggestion submission topics include:

  • the transatlantic, collaborative, and/or interdisciplinary possibilities and limitations of digital technologies in the Caribbean
  • metaphorical linkages between the digital and such Caribbean philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic concepts as “submarine unity,” the rhizome, Relation, the spiral, repeating islands, creolization, etc.
  • gendered dimensions of the digital in the Caribbean
  • the connection between digital technologies and practices of the so-called Caribbean folk
  • specific engagements with digital spaces and/or theories by individual Caribbean artists and intellectuals
  • the ways in which digital technologies have impacted or shaped understandings of specific Caribbean political phenomena (e.g. sovereignty, reparations, transnationalism, migration, etc.)
  • structural means of facilitating broad engagement, communication, and accessibility in the Caribbean digital context (cultivation of multilingual spaces, attentiveness to the material/hardware limitations of various populations)
  • in what ways has the digital brought welcome bibliographic, philological and curatorial attention to endangered or neglected archives in the region

The deadline for proposals is July 15, 2016.

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