RESOURCE: Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries

Purdue University Press has announced the publication of the open access monograph¬†Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries,¬†edited by John H. White (College of Charleston) and Heather Gilbert (College of Charleston). Inspired by a conference held at the College of Charleston in June 2014, the volume “examines the library‚Äôs role in the development, implementation, and instruction of successful digital humanities projects. It pays special attention to the critical role of librarians in building sustainable programs. It also examines how libraries can support the use of digital scholarship tools and techniques in undergraduate education.”

This title was made available open access via Knowledge Unlatched, a collaborative effort of 300 libraries in 24 countries which works to make academic books from recognized publishers available electronically with no fees for access. Table of contents below:

Part 1: Why Digital Humanities In The Library?

  • Recovering a Humanist Librarianship through Digital Humanities / Trevor Mu√Īoz
  • A History of History through the Lens of Our Digital Present, the Traditions That Shape and Constrain Data-Driven Historical Research, and What Librarians Can Do About It / James Baker

Part 2: The Practice Of Digital Humanities in the Library

  • Digital Public History in the Library: Developing the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative at the College of Charleston / Mary Battle, Tyler Mobley, and Heather Gilbert
  • Curating Menus: Digesting Data for Critical Humanistic Inquiry / Katherine Rawson
  • Many Voices, One Experiment: Building Toward Generous Interfaces for Oral History Collections with Mapping the Long Women‚Äôs Movement / Seth Kotch

Part 3: Building Digital Humanities Infrastructure And Partnerships

  • The Center That Holds: Developing Digital Publishing Initiatives at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship / Sarah Melton
  • Copiloting a Digital Humanities Center: A Critical Reflection on a Libraries‚ÄďAcademic Partnership / Brian Rosenblum and Arienne Dwyer
  • Advancing Digital Humanities at CU-Boulder through Evidence-Based Service Design / Thea Lindquist, Holley Long, and Alexander Watkins

Part 4: Pedagogy And Instruction

  • A Collaborative Approach to Urban Cultural Studies and Digital Humanities / Benjamin Fraser and Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem
  • Fostering Assessment Strategies for Digital Pedagogy of Student-Generated Multimodal Digital Scholarship / Harriett E. Green
  • Library Instruction for Digital Humanities Pedagogy in Undergraduate Classes / Stewart Varner

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