POST: Data fluidity in DARIAH — pushing the agenda forward

Laurent Romary (DARIAH and INRIA), Mike Mertens (DARIAH), and Anne Baillot (Centre Marc Bloch and INRIA) have released a new paper, “Data fluidity in DARIAH — pushing the agenda forward.” Romary, Mertens, and Baillot’s paper details the establishment of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH), an overview of the infrastructure’s current membership, and upcoming projects – in particular, the DARIAH approach to data management across its member network. The “DARIAH Seal of Approval” is a program aimed at promoting and streamlining data reuse:

The DARIAH Seal of approval would work in two main directions – to acknowledge that tools, services and software produced by the DARIAH community would meet criteria that allowed for their greatest potential reuse, on the one hand, and certify those primary collections at item level with which researchers wish to work as capable of maximum enrichment and subsequent access. There would be a number of discrete areas, modelled on the current in-kind contribution categories that DARIAH allocates to its member submissions to the central repository of shareable resources.

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