CFP: Digital Humanities Congress 2016

A call for papers for Digital Humanities Congress 2016, to be held at the University of Sheffield, September 8-10, has been issued. The conferences will be hosted by the University of Sheffield’s Humanities Research Institute, with the support of centerNet. Organizers welcome papers, sessions, and posters on “all aspects of the digital humanities,” providing some examples:

  • New knowledge and insights within areas of humanities research which have arisen from the use of digital applications, techniques or methodologies. These proposals might focus on how specific research questions were solved.
  • Case studies, best practice and evolving trends concerning the development of research resources, tools, frameworks and environments within the humanities, such as digital editions, mobile applications, virtual worlds, surface computing, web services and GIS
  • Technologies and techniques which bring value to humanities research, such as data mining, crowd-sourcing, linked data, text encoding, digitisation, ontology building, sentiment analysis, augmented reality, 3D visualisation and virtual worlds.
  • Standards, best practice and case studies for data creation, data collection, development methodologies, usability testing, preservation, sustainability and accessibility.
  • Issues and emerging trends within the technology and the information environment which do or might impact on humanities research. This might concern new technology, social trends, infrastructure, policy, funding, assessing value or pedagogy.

Submissions are due May 1, 2016.

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