POST: Library-Faculty Partnerships Enrich Undergraduate Teaching at Washington and Lee

In a post on the Digital Library Federation’s blog this week, Mackenzie Brooks¬†and Brandon Walsh¬†(both Washington and Lee University) detail collaborations between librarians and faculty on undergraduate-centered digital pedagogy and scholarship across Washington and Lee University. Brooks and Walsh state that their “primary goal is to foster communication and training among librarians and faculty at all levels of technical skill in the service of encouraging new approaches to digital pedagogy and research methodology.”

The post goes on to describe the structure of DH interest groups on campus, as well as the inroads made at integrating DH into the undergraduate curriculum. Brooks and Walsh close with their rationale for focusing on library-faculty partnerships, and emphasize the role of the liberal arts campus library as a digital scholarship hub:

We see the library as the natural home for digital humanities initiatives on the liberal arts campus. The expertise of our faculty and staff in digital technologies and information literacy pedagogy, combined with our close relationships with ITS colleagues and concentration on the practical implications of digital scholarship, stands to enrich the undergraduate curriculum. We offer the library to our students as a space where they can meet faculty and staff as collaborators as well as educators.

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