RESOURCE: DIY online exhibitions

Tim Sherratt (University of Canberra) has written a post about an app he developed for creating online exhibits of items in Trove, the digital collections aggregator from the National Library of Australia. In “DIY online exhibitions,” Sherratt explains why he chose to focus on an app for working with collections data that are accessible through an API:

But to use an API you generally need to know how to code, and that’s a problem for many. How can you make use of these aggregated riches without becoming lost forever amidst the arcane byways of code?  I think those of us who build with code can do more to cultivate the middle ground between API and apps — to create frameworks, skeletons, examples and demos that can be shared and customised by non or novice coders. Reusable apps built on reusable data.

The app was created using AngularJS, and the code is available on GitHub.

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