POST: Crisscrossing Borders: GO::DH Regional Networks in Dialogue

√Člika Ortega (University of Kansas) has shared a version of her talk at MLA2016, “Crisscrossing Borders: GO::DH Regional Networks in Dialogue,” in which she reflects on recent discussions about diversity in the digital humanities. Ortega provides “an ecology of knowledges in DH,” drawing attention to the situatedness of DH work as she explores the way that organizations can address global concerns through the facilitation of regional networks.

While DH has certainly not lacked self-reflexivity, much of it has taken place or been aimed at its non-specific, tactical, big tent ideation. Thus, it remains the case that there is little awareness and dialogue across the borders, and even when it does take place, it rarely makes it back. Our sources (in syllabuses, anthologies, reading lists, works cited lists), more than we would like to, have for the most part converged in a canon.

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