CFP: Texas Conference on Digital Libraries / Texas Digital Humanities Consortium

The Texas Digital Library is collaborating with the Texas Digital Humanities Consortium to co-host their annual conferences in 2016: The Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (May 24-26, 2016) will be followed by a Texas Digital Humanities Consortium Mini-Conference (Mary 27, 2016) in Austin, Texas.

The Texas Conference on Digital Libraries will feature Trevor Owens (Institute of Museum and Library Services) as a keynote speaker. The CFP invites proposals for presentations, panels, posters, workshops, tutorials/demos, and birds of a feather sessions, on topics that consider the “creation, promotion, preservation and management of digital projects and assets, as well as the software and applications that drive the digital library world.”

The Texas Digital Humanities Consortium Mini-Conference “will combine the openness and participatory spirit of unconferences such as THATCamps with the presentation opportunities provided by more formal conferences.¬† Each session will feature a speaker or team of speakers presenting their research for 15 minutes, followed by discussion or hands-on experimentation. The presentation should raise key concepts and questions that can serve as a springboard for exploration during the rest of the hour.” Potential topics include: digital making, 3D modeling, cultural criticism and digital humanities, spatial humanities, digital archives, curation of humanities information, and book history and digital humanities.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to either conference is February 7, 2016.

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