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Laura B. Palumbo, Ron Jantz, Yu-Hung Lin, Aletia Morgan, Minglu Wang, Krista White, Ryan Womack, Yingting Zhang, and Yini Zhu (Rutgers University) have published “Preparing to Accept Research Data: Creating Guidelines for Librarians” in the Journal of eScience Librarianship.

From the abstract:

In order to provide a better defined workflow and mission for research data services, in July 2014, the Rutgers University Librarian organized a Task Force to investigate the evaluation process for technical, legal, and confidential issues involved in research data acceptance, and to establish an administrative and evaluation framework for the deposit of research data. . . . This paper will discuss the issues addressed by the Task Force; acknowledging ownership of data through an institutional data policy, preventing exposure of confidential or sensitive data, establishing a reconfigured data team, requirements for storage capacity and funding, creating a workflow which includes collaboration with research offices, and offering guidance for both researchers and librarians working with research data.

The article is freely available for download here. 

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