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Maha Bali (The American University in Cairo) authored a post on ProfHacker this week reflecting on how to handle changes to technology we use in teaching and teaching and learning from alterations to the user experience (Twitter’s shift from stars to hearts) to the loss of a tool (Zeega). She closes by extolling the benefits of hosting various tools on one’s own domain:
Hosting tools and content that matter on your own domain protects you from changes software creators make. For example, I host my WordPress blog on my own domain. This means if WordPress disappears tomorrow or make a bad update, I have control over keeping my site as is, untouched. If I find a better blogging tool to WordPress, people would still be able to find me on my domain. This does, of course, come at the annual cost of the hosting and domain name itself (for some reason, you have to pay annually to keep your domain name, you can’t just buy it one-off). But it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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