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Lise Summers (State Records Office of Western Australia) has shared a post about her institution’s¬†migration of records from Aeon to AtoM. Summers¬†describes the process of moving 6,600 digital objects and 7,200 images. Maps from the collection are now available online. AtoM has enabled new loading and viewing capabilities:

In our old system, we were restricted to only being able to load .jpg files, and originally, only as a single images. … The project also developed a new way of displaying the images. A viewing frame was created, in which users could magnify and move the images around. The frame was an appropriate size for a PC screen of the mid 2000s, but as we moved to larger screen sizes the frame was not resized, meaning that the images were not taking full advantage of the viewing environment. …¬†For those interested in digital archives, the system also allows for the uploading of digital objects as descriptive entities in their own right.

Summers concludes with a call to provide feedback on the new open source system: “… your query may prompt another user or developer to create a solution, or we may put it in our list of ideas for further improvements, once we have the resources.”

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