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CNI announced that the presentations from the Designing Libraries IV conference, held in September at North Carolina State University, are now available online through NCSU Libraries. As the news release states, “There is a wealth of information here on trends in library buildings, technologies, services, and organizational issues.” Sessions that might be of particular interest for dh+lib readers include:

  • Preconference Session #2a – Developing Research Platforms: New Roles for Librarians
  • Preconference Session #2b – A Research Partnership Toward Social Digital Scholarship in the Humanities and the Social Sciences: Implementing New Knowledge Environments, 2.0
  • Preconference Session #3a – Emerging Skills and Demands
  • Conference Session #5 – The Role of Markerspaces in Academic Libraries
  • Conference Session #7 – Space to Engage: Building on the Role of Libraries in Teaching and Learning
  • Conference Session #8 – Designing Great Environments for Library Staff

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