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The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Blog has published a post by Jacob Shelby (Iowa State University), “A Linked Data Journey: Proof of Concept.” In this second installment of his series aiming to clarify the concept of Linked Data, Shelby walks through the process of how he created a Linked Data catalog record, including hyperlinks to the completed record, a visual graph of the record, and the code. In particular, the visual graph representation may be useful to readers; as Shelby explains:

“In case this still seems foreign to you, I would recommend taking a look at  a visual graph representation of the record. All of the little bubbles represent RDF resources that I am linking to. Clicking on one of the bubbles will expand that resource and will show other metadata about the linked-to resource. This is what Linked Data is about!”

He goes on to discuss challenges he encountered in writing PHP code and using metadata with multiple data models.

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