POST: #contextiseverything Whyte Memorial Lecture 2015

Jaye Weatherburn (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) authored a post summing up the Whyte Memorial lecture delivered by Ross Harvey (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia), “Keeping, Forgetting, and Misreading Digital Material: Libraries Learning from Archives and Recordkeeping Practice.” Harvey “extolled the benefits of archival principles, and called for them to be used for managing digital materials.” Weatherburn expanded on how archival thinking is essential for managing digital assets across multiple systems over many years:

It is such an exciting time to be working in this space, and with established professionals like Harvey telling us to ‘get our heads out of the sand’ and promote our skills more widely, it is most definitely time for radical-thinking information professionals to join forces and start making changes to the way we conduct our practice of managing information.

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