POST: ADHO Announces New SIG, Libraries and Digital Humanities

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) hasĀ announcedĀ the formation of a new Special Interest Group, Libraries and Digital Humanities:

ADHOā€™s Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG aims at fostering collaboration and communication among librarians and other scholars doing DH work, by showcasing the work of librarians engaged in DH projects, advocating for initiatives of interest and benefit to both libraries and DH, promoting librariansā€™ perspectives and skills to the rest of the DH community, and offering advice and support to new and emergent associations of librarians engaged in DH projects.

The Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG encourages membership from all fields and geographic regions: please visit its Twitter page or sign up for updates through this Google Form.

dh+lib will beĀ hosting a longer post by the conveners of the Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG in the coming weeks; watch this space for more details!

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