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Alex Gil (Columbia University) shared a post collocating thoughts on the #dhpoco summer school in 2013 with more recent ruminations inspired by the work of Bess Sadler and Chris Bourg, Miriam Posner, and Tim Sherratt. Exploring questions of activism and the potential for digital humanities to work towards¬†“one of the broadest universals we have known,” Gil points out that there are serious barriers¬†to realizing this dream:

For many of us who work in A© post-1923, the material past we are called to remediate is under literal negotiation. As we trudge along, one ethical hand locked behind our backs by professional demands to publish and not make public, shadow and pirate libraries have sprouted to remind us that the mechanisms we have set in motion will ignore the ticket-booths to knowledge central. These remediations are happening with our half-baked collaboration but without our scholarship.

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