RESOURCE: Modern Language Association CORE (Commons Open Repository Exchange)

The Modern Language Association, along with Columbia University Libraries/Information Services‚Äô Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS), have announced the beta release of CORE, “a digital repository for MLA members to share and archive all forms of scholarly communication, from conference papers to syllabi, published articles to data sets.”

CORE offers MLA members a persistent, open-access environment for “sharing, discovering, retrieving, and archiving digital work.” Scholars can use CORE to connect with the interest groups already present in MLA Commons to raise awareness and extend the reach of their work. Additionally, CORE provides scholars with DOIs for their work:

By assigning DOIs to works deposited with the repository, CORE provides MLA members with a way to assert their authorship of less traditional forms of scholarly communication such as syllabuses. CORE also allows for the expedient sharing of all forms of research in an open access environment, maximizing discoverability‚ÄĒa huge issue, particularly for junior scholars and graduate students‚ÄĒand facilitating collaboration among scholars. Users can share, collaborate, and preserve their scholarly work within a single system.

More information on CORE’s capabilities can be found in its FAQ section.

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