POST: Becoming Digital Public Historians

Trevor Owens (Institute of Museum and Library Services) has written a post on his blog, reflecting¬†on his experience teaching a¬†Digital Public History¬†seminar at the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies. “Becoming Digital Public Historians” references both the title of a¬†course unit and, Owens argues, a “kind of identity work [that] is at the core of what graduate education is supposed to be about.”

The post details the eight students’ final projects, which cover a broad range of collections, approaches, tools, and platforms. Owens concludes:

It took me a bit of time to shift gears from teaching a digital history course to public history students to teaching a digital public history course to iSchool students. With that said, the experience made me realize how relevant I think digital public history is to the future of libraries and archives.

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