Welcome, Patrick Williams and Caitlin Christian-Lamb!

We are pleased to welcome Patrick Williams and Caitlin Christian-Lamb to the dh+lib editorial team. Patrick joins our project as Lead Editor for the dh+lib Review, a position previously held by founding Review editor Zach Coble, who remains an Editor-in-Chief of the site. Caitlin joins us as an additional Review Editor for the dh+lib Review.

Caro Pinto and Roxanne Shirazi will continue to serve as Review editors, bringing our rotating team of editors for the weekly publication to four.

Patrick Williams is Associate Librarian, Subject Specialist for English, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, and Linguistics in the Syracuse University Libraries. As Lead Editor, he will be recruiting and coordinating our editors-at-large and will contribute to the ongoing strategic development of the¬†dh+lib Review. Patrick has been involved with dh+lib as a frequent editor-at-large, and in 2014 he contributed an original piece, “Why I Go to MLA.”

Caitlin Christian-Lamb is the Associate Archivist at Davidson College in North Carolina. As Review Editor, she will join the rotating team of editors to synthesize the work of the editors-at-large by publishing a weekly review of digital humanities and libraries. Caitlin has been involved with dh+lib as a frequent editor-at-large.

We were thrilled with the enthusiastic response to our call for editors in February, and we are incredibly fortunate to bring such exceptionally talented individuals to help guide and grow the dh+lib project. Stay tuned for further announcements about our future plans this summer!

The Editors

The Editors of dh+lib, Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, and Roxanne Shirazi.