POST: Digitization Challenges – A Discussion in Progress

Merrilee Proffitt (OCLC) gives an overview of challenges currently faced by libraries working to digitize collections, as reported in a series of discussions hosted by OCLC Research. These challenges, which will inform future work from  OCLC Research, include:

Metadata: Item-level description vs collection descriptions
“…there is an inherent challenge in digitizing collections at the item or page level when the bulk of the description is at a collection level.”

Process management / workflow / shift from projects to programs
“Some institutions are looking to establish workflows that will more effectively allow them to leverage patron-driven requests, while others are thinking about the implications of contributing content to aggregators like DPLA.”

Selection – prioritizing users over curators and funders
“Many institutions are still operating under a model whereby curators or subject librarians feed the selection pool, either through a formal or informal process.”

Audio/Visual materials
“As with born digital, everyone has A/V materials in their collection, and making them more accessible is a concern.”

Access: are we putting things where scholars can find them
“For many institutions, aggregation is the name of the game, and thinking as a community about aggregating content is key.”

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