POST: Making Story Games with Twine 2.0

Anastasia Salter (University of Central Florida) has written a post for ProfHacker about creating story games with Twine 2.0 . Salter warns long time Twine users that Twine 2.0 is not backwards compatible, but assures readers that the changes to 2.0 will welcome new users and broaden the community, especially as many of the changes to Twine allow for direct work in browsers which is ideal for teaching.

While Twine 2.0 now has downloadable editors for PC and Mac, the real appeal for educators might be found in the browser version. If you’re teaching in a computer lab where installing software is a hassle, building game-making into a curriculum might require lots of fuss and advance planning. Browser-based editors, on the other hand, just require a reasonably up-to-date browser. It also makes it easy for students to work on projects in a lab and at home… A browser-based editor is much more accessible at libraries and campus labs.


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