CFP: Future of Digital Methods for Complex Datasets (IJHAC)

The International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (IJHAC) has announced a call for submissions to its 10th anniversary special edition, “Future of Digital Methods for Complex Datasets.” Edited by Jennifer Giuliano and Mia Ridge, the collection invites chapters that address:

  • In an environment where resources for humanities education are reduced, how might the decline of humanistic and artistic disciplines challenge the future of digital methods?
  • Is Digital Methodology for the Humanities & Arts something distinct from data science or other computational methods? Or alternately, has the underlying reliance on “data” forged a common methodology across previously distinct disciplines?
  • What might the critical theoretical perspectives (e.g. Feminist, post-colonial, etc) offer to Digital Methodology?
  • What problems might scholars need to account for in their digital methods if we anticipate a future where copyright, international law, and publishing systems become more restrictive?
  • How might conflicts between or syntheses of analog and digital methodologies lead to a richer system of approaches?
  • What might non-western systems of Digital Methodology bring to the future of the Digital Humanities?
  • How might digital techniques and approaches from other disciplines impact the future of Digital Humanities?
  • How might Digital Methodologies, Digital assumptions, and modes of thinking destabilize fundamental humanistic and artistic scholarly assumptions?

Abstracts are due April 15, 2015, with complete chapters due August 1, 2015.

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