OPPORTUNITY: Scalar Webinars

The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture has announced the spring schedule of free webinars for learning Scalar, an open source multimodal publishing platform.

Scalar enables authors to incorporate multimedia content from a variety of sources into their own content using a system of “paths” and “tags” to create digital publications:

Paths are linear sequences of content, like a chapter full of pages or a tutorial full of steps. Tags are non-linear groupings of content, like items in the index of a book or descriptors on a media-sharing site. Where Scalar differs from most other publishing tools is in the flexibility with which grouping and sequencing can be applied. Paths can contain other paths, and tags can reference other tags, making both hierarchical and rhizomatic structures possible.

Both introductory and intermediate webinars will be offered. The two-hour webinars are free of cost, but space is limited.

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