RESOURCE: JLSC Special Issue, Library Publishing

The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication has published a special issue: Library Publishing, featuring selected papers from the 2014 Library Publishing Forum and three practice articles. In their editorial, guest editors Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Illinois Wesleyan University) and Melanie Schlosser (Ohio State University) write: “The issue, in its entirety, provides a current picture of the range of programs and diversity of approaches in library publishing.”

Included in the issue is a transcript of John Unsworth’s opening keynote at the 2014 Library Publishing Forum, in which he speaks to a long interest “in trying to figure out the proper relationships and collaborations for librarians, scholars, and publishers, especially around new forms of digital scholarship.”  Unsworth (Brandeis University) identifies “engaging the digital humanities” as the first in a series of suggested opportunities for the Library Publishing Coalition to grow, arguing: “Going back to trying to publish the Rossetti Archive with the University of Michigan Press, we still really haven’t figured out how to publish born-digital humanities scholarship, and it’s still out there. Before I left, I helped the university press at Virginia start Rotunda, which is a pretty successful experiment in this kind of publishing, but there are not a lot of them, and there is plenty of room to do more in that area.”

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