RESOURCE: JLSC Special Issue, Library Publishing

The¬†Journal of¬†Librarianship¬†and Scholarly Communication has published a special issue: Library Publishing, featuring selected papers from the 2014 Library Publishing Forum and three practice articles. In their editorial, guest editors Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Illinois Wesleyan University) and Melanie Schlosser (Ohio State University) write: “The issue, in its entirety, provides a current picture of the range of programs and diversity of approaches in library publishing.”

Included in the issue is a transcript of John Unsworth’s opening keynote at the 2014 Library Publishing Forum, in which he speaks to a long interest “in trying to figure out the proper relationships and collaborations for librarians, scholars, and publishers, especially around new forms of digital scholarship.” ¬†Unsworth (Brandeis University) identifies “engaging the digital humanities” as the first in a series of suggested opportunities for the Library Publishing Coalition to grow, arguing: “Going back to trying to publish the Rossetti Archive with the University of Michigan Press, we still really haven’t figured out how to publish born-digital humanities scholarship, and it’s still out there. Before I left, I helped the university press at Virginia start Rotunda, which is a pretty successful experiment in this kind of publishing, but there are not a lot of them, and there is plenty of room to do more in that area.”

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