POST: Submissions to Digital Humanities 2015 (pt. 1-3)

Scott Weingart (Indiana University) has written a series of posts about submissions to Digital Humanities 2015. The first post provides an overview of submissions, the second post compares and contrasts submissions for 2015 with the previous two years, and the third post investigates “the geography of submissions.” He observes, among other shifts, a rise in submissions tagged as “Glam: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums.”

In sum, it turns out “Global Digital Humanities 2015″ is, at least geographically, much more global than the conferences of the previous two years. While the most popular topics are pretty similar to those in earlier years, I haven’t yet done an analysis of the diversity of the less popular topics, and it may be that they actually prove more diverse than those in earlier years. I’ll save that analysis for when the acceptances come in, though.