RESOURCE: Digital Scholarship and Digital Studies: The State of the Discipline

Sarah Werner (Folger Shakespeare Library) has shared the online pdf of the paper she co-wrote with Matthew Kirschenbaum (MITH) for the journal Book History, titled “Digital Scholarship and Digital Studies: The State of the Discipline.” Reflecting on her blog, Werner writes that:

 Our review essay, “Digital Scholarship and Digital Studies,” takes as its argument our belief that book historians are already using digital tools and that current book production and reception is inextricably tied to digital methods… Matt and I feel strongly that the disciplines of book history and digital studies have much in common already and that these fields must work together to build strong futures for them both. We are all already hybrid, whether we’re studying the circulation of the earliest printed English books or the latest Jonathan Franzen novel or The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel.


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