POST: Open Access Publishing and Geo-Spatial Tools for (Music) Research

Anna Kijas (University of Connecticut) has posted the text and slides from her Digital Frontiers 2014 talk, “Open Access Publishing and Geo-Spatial Tools for (Music Research).” Kijas discusses her process for selecting a platform to document and disseminate her researchĀ on the Venezuelan pianist and composerĀ Teresa CarreƱo,Ā as her “goal evolved from simply publishing a print book to publishing an open access, knowledge site, where I can document a representative selection of performances from CarreƱoā€™s career from the early 1860s through 1917 with content and data derived from primary source materials, as well as newly created metadata, controlled vocabulary, and geo-spatial and temporal visualizations.” After reviewing Viewshare, WordPress, and Omeka, Kijas developed the project,Ā Documenting Teresa CarreƱo, using Omeka, with Neatline and Scripto plugins to generate maps, timelines, and transcriptions.

In an earlier post focused on CarreƱo’s appearances at Carnegie Hall, Kijas combines her close research on these performances with data curation and the web-based RAW tool to generate visualizations of these compositions and composers performed over the course of nineteen years and thirty-two appearances.

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