RESOURCE: Interdisciplining Digital Humanities

The University of Michigan Press’s digitalculturebooks imprint¬†has published a new title by Julie Thompson Klein (Wayne State University):¬†Interdisciplining Digital Humanities: Boundary Work in an Emerging Field. The text “explores¬†how digital technologies and new media are changing the nature of research, teaching, and learning in the humanities.”

By examining the boundary work of constructing, expanding, and sustaining a new field, it depicts both the ways this new field is being situated within individual domains and dynamic crossfertilizations that are fostering new relationships across academic boundaries. It also accounts for digital reinvigorations of ‚Äúpublic humanities‚ÄĚ in cultural heritage institutions of museums, archives, libraries, and community forums.

The book release–the fifth in digitalculturebook’s¬†Digital Humanities series–coincides with the launch of the annotation and commenting tool,¬†which “supports sentence-level annotations, and allows for discussion at the paragraph level to facilitate community peer review.”

The book is currently available online at no charge, and a print edition of Interdisciplining Digital Humanities will be released in 2015.

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