CFP: Beyond the Proto-Monograph: New Models for the Dissertation

A new section of the Mediacommons project known as #alt-academy is dedicated to¬†“Graduate Training in the 21st Century.” Edited by Melissa Dalgleish (York University) and Daniel Powell (University of Victoria), the first “cluster” is exploring¬†“how the prototypical graduate project in the humanities‚ÄĒthe dissertation‚ÄĒis changing in the face of the digital turn, shifting job markets, and new visions for the academy.”

While we expect most submissions for this CFP will take the form of original essays, the#Alt-Academy project welcomes other forms of participation and media: YouTube videos, diaries, materials from panels or workshops, Storified tweets tagged with #altac advice, previously published blog posts, and more.

Proposed abstracts should be submitted no later than August 30, 2014 (see the complete CFP for details).

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