TOOL: Text to Image Linking Tool (TILT)

The British Library Digital Scholarship blog posted an update on the Text to Image Linking Tool (TILT), which was one of the winners of the British Library Labs Competition 2014.

TILT tackles the challenge of making manuscripts machine readable by “link[ing] the transcription to the page-image at the word-level.” Here’s how the tool works:

As the user moves the mouse over, or taps on, a word in the image or in the transcription the corresponding word can be highlighted in the other half of the display, even when the word is split over a line. And if needed the transcription can be scrolled up or down so that it automatically aligns with the word on the page. And now the ‘excise’ drops back to a low level.

TILT’s project leaders plan to have the tool in “demonstrable and usable form” by October 2014.


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