CFParticipation: What Questions Do You Have about Publishing in the Digital Humanities?

In advance of the 2014¬†annual meeting of the American Association of University Presses (AAUP), taking place on June 22-24, the organizers of a panel, “Publishing in the Digital Humanities,” are soliciting questions and comments on the following prompt:

There are significant initiatives at many campuses to invest in the digital humanities. While DH has become a proxy for a lot of different issues, as humanities publishers, it’s becoming more and more likely that we will need to expand the capacity for what it is we¬†can¬†publish. DH scholars may continue to write long-form text, but more and more often it will be embedded with DH features such as multimedia files, spatial mapping, data sets, archives, and social sandboxes. How will we publish these? How will these affect the work of editorial, marketing, production, and other staff? What types of collaborations will presses need in order to “publish” these new multimodal books? Will these books be digital-only?

Questions and comments may be tweeted using the hashtag #AAUP14DH, and participation from non-attendees is encouraged. For further information on the panel or the prompt, please contact Kevin Hawkins.

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