CFP: Bridging GLAM and Humanities through DH (JADH 2014)

The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities has issued a call for papers for its annual conference, JADH 2014,  to take place September 19-21, 2014 in Ibaraki, Japan.

This year’s conference theme is “Bridging GLAM and Humanities through Digital Humanities”:

At JADH2014 we will be especially interested in hearing presentations that focus on these [digital] methodologies and practice in GLAM, but we nonetheless welcome papers on a broad range of DH topics.

Proposals may deal with the following aspects of digital humanities:

Research issues, including data mining, information design and modeling, software studies, and humanities research enabled through the digital medium; computer-based research and computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural and historical studies, including electronic literature, public humanities, and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship. Some examples might include text analysis, corpora, corpus linguistics, language processing, language learning, and endangered languages; the digital arts, architecture, music, film, theater, new media and related areas; the creation and curation of humanities digital resources; the role of digital humanities in academic curricula;

Abstracts for posters, short papers, long papers, and panels are due May 7, 2014.

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