RESOURCE: Combining Narrative Text, Information Visualization, and Computational Models [VIDEO]

Elijah Meeks (Digital Humanities Specialist, Stanford University Library) recently gave a talk on “Combining Narrative, Model, and Information Visualization” at a joint meetup of the Bay Area D3 User Group and Data Visualization Group. Video of the talk, which also introduces some of the digital humanities projects at Stanford, such as Kindred Britain, is now online.

From the abstract:

As information visualization methods mature, we see a growth of information visualization integrated with traditional linear text narrative. This is especially important in the development of research and publication methods for humanities scholarship, where scholars have traditionally relied entirely on text narrative without even static figures or maps. The growth of digital humanities, with its integration of spatial analysis, text analysis, and network analysis into the study of traditional topics in history, literature, philosophy and classics, has spurred the development of approaches that more directly tie interactive information visualization with text narrative.


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