Opportunity: Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents

Applications are open for the Association of Documentary Editing’s 43rd Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents (July 20-24, Louisville, KY).

The Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents is an annual five-day workshop for individuals new to the field of historical documentary editing. With the needs of the participants as a guide, experienced documentary editors provide instruction in the principles and practices of documentary editing and insight into the realities of work on a documentary edition.

Documentary editing is the craft of preparing historical writings or literary works for publication in print or online. The goal is to produce an authoritative edition of the material, with an accurate transcription of the original manuscript and an editorial framework that advances understanding of the text and context.

Past participants include “faculty and graduate students, archivists and librarians, government historians, public historians, and independent scholars.”

Deadline for applications is March 15th, 2014.

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