RESOURCE: 2013 LITA Forum Keynotes

Recordings from the 2013 Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Forum are now available via U-stream. The three keynote presentations are:

Providing resources for lifelong learning is taking on new meaning. Making is part of the mix. Tools are part of the mix. Project learning is part of the mix. Most of this is uncomfortable to traditional libraries as it involves new activities, new technologies, and new values. The library technical community again has an important role to play in easing the transition to a new tomorrow.

The 4th Floor is a 14,000 square foot flexible community library space: some days it is a makerspace, others it is a coder dojo or hackerspace, and still others it serves as an event, production, and presentation space. Nate’s talk will tell the story of the rapid development of this space, it will offer insight into teambuilding and organizational structures for creative library spaces, and it will present actionable ideas for implementing similar solutions in participants’ own libraries.

Gore will discuss the Digital Hubs partnership model, the importance of openness, and the possibilities of reuse found in the DPLA (

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