We’re Looking for dh+lib Review Editors-at-Large for Spring

The dh+lib Review, a volunteer-driven service for highlighting and sharing the best of digital humanities and libraries, is looking for editors-at-large for the Spring 2014 semester. We’ve had a steadily increasing number of editors-at-large for each of the three semesters the Review has been in operation, and we’re hoping to continue the trend. Sign up for a shift today!

The snippets that appear on the dh+lib homepage are selected from an aggregated stream of content that is produced and shared by the dh+lib community. This stream – in the form of RSS feeds – casts a wide net and includes content produced by librarians, archivists, museum workers, faculty, information professionals, and technologists, just to name a few.

The aggregation process relies heavily on the work of our editors-at-large, who volunteer for one-week shifts to survey the stream of content and select what should be highlighted on the dh+lib homepage. Once the editors-at-large have made their nominations, the editors (currently, Zach Coble, Caro Pinto, and Roxanne Shirazi), make a final selection decision, then write up and post to the dh+lib homepage.

Are you interested in volunteering for dh+lib Review? It’s an easy way to get involved in the dh+lib community and great for staying current with conversations in DH. Editors-at-large commit to a one-week shift that involves approximately 20 minutes a day. We currently need editors-at-large for the Spring 2014 semester – sign up today!

Zach Coble

Zach is the Digital Scholarship Specialist at New York University.