POST: Collaboration Before Preservation: Recovering Born Digital Records in the Stephen Gendin Papers

Mark Matienzo, Digital Archivist at the Yale University Library, wrote a blog post for Yale’s Manuscripts and Archives Blog about “the importance of collaboration both within Yale and beyond about our efforts to preserve and provide access to born digital records.” Matienzo describes how he collaborated to process the born digital records in the Papers of Stephen Gendin, a HIV/AIDS activist, through the cooperation and support of colleagues at Yale, the New York Public Library, and the Computer History Museum. Citing Ben Fino-Radin’s post “It Takes a Village To Save a Hard Drive,” Matienzo affirms the necessity of cross-institutional collaboration to preserve and make accessible born digital content for the next generation of scholars. He writes: “While more and more academic research libraries … grow their capacity to work with born digital content, it is clear that we will not be successful unless we also continue to develop and leverage a strong community based on expertise, trust, and collaboration.”

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