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Tom ScheinfeldtĀ shares some thoughts about how he evaluated a ā€œvenerable cultural heritage institutionā€™sā€ digital program. Scheinfeldtā€™s appraisal offers cultural heritage institutions a useful roadmap for considering what digital programs need to be successful and relevant, such as an integrated social strategy and mobile strategies. Above all, Scheinfeldt reminds us that ā€œDigital is not a revenue center, itā€™s an operating cost like the reading room, or the permanent galleries, or the education department. You shouldnā€™t expect increased revenues from a website redesign any more than you should from a new coat of paint for the front door.ā€

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This post was produced through a cooperation between Christopher A. Miller, Jennifer Snider, Erin Elzi,and Chelcie Rowell (Editors-at-Large for the week), Caro Pinto (Editor for the week), and Roxanne Shirazi and Zach Coble (dh+lib Review Editors).

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