CFProposals: Practices in the Digital Humanities

The digitalculturebooks imprint of the University of Michigan Press is launching a new series, Practices in the Digital Humanities. The editors have identified some topics for books, but are inviting book proposals from the community. The series is

focused on the practices of the digital humanities by providing best practices, models, case studies, and examples of how to build to standards, architect experiences, manage systems, and manage projects. Bringing together experts from across the digital humanities, this series will be written by digital humanities scholars for digital humanities scholars. This series will also provide digital humanities graduate students with a much-needed source for the practice of digital humanities. This book series will fill a major need for books on practice from the digital humanities perspective by providing specific examples of how to design, develop, and maintain digital humanities projects.

For more information about this series or to submit a proposal, contact the Editorial Director Aaron McCollough at

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