CFP: New ADHO Special Interest Group dedicated to Libraries and DH

As has previously been reported in dh+lib review, the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) issued a call for proposals for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), through which “those with similar professional specialties, interests, and aptitudes can exchange ideas, stay current, and mobilize to pursue common goals across the boundaries of ADHO’s individual Constituent Organizations.”

During ADHO’s Annual General Meeting, held during Digital Humanities 2013 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Glen Worthey (Stanford), in collaboration with Zoe Borovsky (UCLA), Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M), and Angela Courtney (IU Bloomington), pitched a Libraries and Digital Humanities SIG. One goal of the newly-proposed SIG is to work with dh+lib and the ACRL Digital Humanities Discussion Group on projects such as DH “toolkits,” mentorship and training, and collection development policies.

Sign up for the SIG:

Read Zoe Borovsky’s draft proposal for the SIG:

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