RECOMMENDED: “The Literary”: Digital Humanities Quarterly (Issue 2013 7.1)

The latest issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly, edited by Lisa Swanstrom and Jessica Pressman, is devoted entirely to “The Literary,” and contains several articles of interest to the library and archives community. From the introduction to the issue:

As the essays in this issue demonstrate, the conjunction of the literary and the digital humanities produce a rich set of provocations: What kind of scholarly endeavors are possible when we think of the digital humanities as not just supplying the archives and data-sets for literary interpretation but also as promoting literary practices with an emphasis on aesthetics, on intertextuality, and writerly processes? What kind of scholarly practices and products might emerge from a decisively literary perspective and practice in the digital humanities? The essays in this issue engage with these questions and demonstrate ways of answering them.

A few of the articles most relevant to libraries and archives:

The .txtual Condition: Digital Humanities, Born-Digital Archives, and the Future Literary
Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Maryland

Whence Feminism? Assessing Feminist Interventions in Digital Literary Archives
Jacqueline Wernimont, Scripps College

Digital Humanities, Copyright Law, and the Literary
Robin Wharton, Independent Scholar

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