CFP: ADHO Calls for Proposals for New Special Interest Groups 1

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has issued a call for proposals for Special Interest Groups (SIGs). From the announcement:

By forming a SIG, those with similar professional specialties, interests, and aptitudes can exchange ideas, stay current, and mobilize to pursue common goals across the boundaries of ADHO’s individual Constituent Organizations.

According to the ADHO Protocol for SIGs:

In support of SIGs, ADHO offers a platform for connection with and visibility within the international Digital Humanities community.  If requested, ADHO would be happy to consider offering a dedicated server space for the SIGs website, a dedicated listserv and in-name sponsorship of related gatherings, workshops, and conferences, as well as in-name support when pursuing external funding.

Many dh+lib readers are likely familiar with the first ADHO SIG, Global Outlook:: Digital Humanities (GO::DH) project (dh+lib announced it here).

In response to the CFP, Josh Honn (Northwestern University) has created a Google doc to gauge interest in a “critical digital humanities” SIG. A question for dh+lib readers: is anyone interested in a SIG for library and cultural heritage professionals?

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  1. Devin Higgins Jul 1,2013 11:19 am

    Very interested! (in a SIG for library and cultural heritage professionals)

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