POST: When Are We Peers, When Are We Exploited? Rsp to NYT Op Ed by Jaron Lanier

Cathy Davidson responds to Jaron Lanier’s New York Times opinion article that talks about the social and economic inequities that have grown out of the Internet Revolution. Davidson reminds us of how important it is to be informed digital citizens so we can better understand the risks and rewards of participating in social media and peer to peer engagement.

Jaron Lanier’s important and pointed deconstruction of the “information wants to be free” anthem must remind us all that, if we are to be free, we also have to protect ourselves from exploitation and rethink contribution when it serves someone else’s bottom line and not our own well-being.

Given the frequency of “collaboration posts” on dh+lib, it’s important for stakeholders to remember the importance of not only self-protection, but also advocacy for all of our collaborations that make digital humanities projects work in libraries and the academe.

This post was produced through a cooperation between Kristin Andrews, Jolie Braun and Meghan Ecclestone (Editors-at-Large for the week), Caro Pinto (dh+lib review editor for the week), and Zach Coble, Sarah Potvin, and Roxanne Shirazi (site editors).