POST: Function over Form: understanding the TCP encoding philosophy

Sarah Wingo from the Text Creation Partnership (TCP), a group of libraries that encode early printed books, outlines one of the Partnership’s basic rules for marking up texts: function over form.

Serving the goal of creating searchable texts, “TCP aims to capture structural information which will be useful for intelligible display, informed searching, and intelligent navigation. In this way we capture the content of each book, and the meaning/purpose of any special formatting, but do not exactly reproduce the look or specific style presented in the original printed work.”

This post was produced through a cooperation between Trevor Muñoz, Kristen Andrews, and Elizabeth Lorang (Editors-at-Large for the week), Zach Coble (dh+lib review Editor for the week), and Caro Pinto and Roxanne Shirazi (dh+lib review Editors).