CFP: Digital Humanities Series – Open Book Publishers

Open Book Publishers, a peer-reviewed open access publisher, has issued a call for proposals for a book series on Digital Humanities:

We are interested in experimental monographs, edited volumes and collections as well as¬†introductory guides for non-specialists, best practices guides for practitioners and “state of the art” surveys. The Series offers digital humanists a dedicated venue for high-quality, Open Access publication.

The editorial board for the series includes Paul Arthur, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Julia Flanders, Gary Hall, Brett D. Hirsch, Matthew L. Jockers, John Lavagnino, Willard McCarty, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, and Elke Teich.

This post was produced through a cooperation between Kristen Andrews, Elizabeth Lorang, and Caro Pinto (Editors-at-Large for the week), Roxanne Shirazi (dh+lib review editor for the week), and Zach Coble and Sarah Potvin (site editors).