PROJECT: Current Happenings in Digital Humanities

What’s new in Digital Humanities? Matthew Kirschenbaum tasked his undergraduate English class (ENGL668K) at the University of Maryland with a critical curation assignment “to provide primary and secondary documentation answering the question, ‘What has happened in digital humanities that hadn’t yet happened on January 22, 2013 (the day before we started our class)?'” The resulting website brings together myriad resources and interpretations, including a timeline of “significant events that took place in the history of libraries, archives, and museums” in early 2013 and a Zotero group library.

As Kirschenbaum comments: “This site strikes me as a “cabinet of curiosities” in the best tradition of the Web, that is rather than a unified, coherent body of content it is willfully (and necessarily) partial, eclectic, diversified, and subjective.”

This post was produced through a cooperation between Lauren Gottlieb-Miller and Amy Wickner (Editors-at-Large for the week), Sarah Potvin (dh+lib review editor for the week), and Zach Coble and Roxanne Shirazi (site editors).