RESOURCE: Group and Method: Collaboration in the Digital Humanities

Last week dh+lib featured a post from Caro Pinto that explored collaboration in the digital humanities in the context of librarian-faculty relationships.

Now, Lisa Spiro has made available a PDF of the slides from a recent talk given at Case Western Reserve University’s Freedman Center Colloquium on “Exploring Collaboration in Digital Scholarship.” As she explains on her blog, Spiro “discussed why collaboration is so common in digital humanities (although of course not all DH work is necessarily collaborative); explored the significance of collaboration in projects to build digital resources, devise new research methods, and promote participatory humanities; and explored challenges to collaboration.”


This post was produced through a cooperation between Caro Pinto and Patrick Williams (Editors-at-Large for the week), Roxanne Shirazi (Editor for the week), and Zach Coble and Sarah Potvin (site editors).